Introducing The New Hamilton Ventura XXL Skeleton Automatic

by Mark Knight

Anytime I think of Hamilton, the same thought always comes to mind… “Oh yeah, they make some decent field watches and divers for the money”. Yet, I tend to forget that throughout its history, Hamilton is one of the boldest, most experimentative watchmakers ever. You needn’t look any further than its Ventura line of watches to convince you of how revolutionary they are.

In the late 50s and 60s, the Hamilton Ventura captivated the world and graced the wrists of elites like Elvis Presley, himself. Of course, how can anyone forget its peculiar-yet-fascinating triangular case, which few else have adopted. Well, if you really want to sample this historic display of Art Deco modernism, then good news, as Hamilton’s made a renewed Ventura.

Inspired By Art Deco

This time around, the Ventura XXL Skeleton Automatic is a more appropriate homage to the older Ventura watches. The other Ventura models, like the Elvis80, are suitable retro. But to properly make an impact like the original, the XXL Skeleton Automatic, as its name implies, carries a skeletonized dial. This then lets you peer into Hamilton’s updated movement.

Technically, it’s an ETA C07.901, which is itself based on Swatch’s Powermatic 80. But at least it’s an automatic, compared to the 1950s Ventura’s ground-breaking battery-powered electric movement. Otherwise, the XXL is the same old Ventura that we know and love. While it has a large 45.5mm case diameter, at just 11.5mm thick, it’s the ideal sleeper dress watch.

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