Introducing The Super Complicated MB&F Legacy Sequential EVO

by Mark Knight

Although watchmakers have long tried to set new boundaries, few have tested and broken the threshold of horology as regularly as MB&F. They produce timepieces that could reasonably be considered alien by most. But with all their ground-breaking achievements thus far, the brand new Legacy Sequential EVO is perhaps MB&F’s most awe-inspiring horological experiment yet.

Here are the highlights… It has one movement, but two independently-working chronographs that nevertheless link to one another. There are two column wheels, as well as a split-seconds complication and a lap-timer function, too! To put it simply, their Legacy Sequential EVO is the chronograph to end all chronographs, capable of measuring two events at the same time.

The Chronograph To End All Chronographs

Just looking at it, you can already tell that this isn’t your granddaddy’s watch. There are a total of 5 pushers on the dial, all to just operate the double chronographs. As such, the dial is just as complicated, featuring two separate chronograph displays for each one. Speaking of, you can measure time not just independently, but also have the chronographs run simultaneously.

This is underpinned by MB&F’s neat Twinverter system to control the dual chronographs. This is what allows it to run independently, simultaneously, or even in sequence with one another. Yet, it’s all Haute Horlogerie from there, with a hand-wound, 585-piece movement, beating at 3Hz. Given what you’re getting, its hefty CHF 160,000 could almost be called a bargain.

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