Lets Take a Look at The New Tissot Telemeter 1938

by Mark Knight

Reissuing a homage to a vintage timepiece is always a tricky ordeal to go through. In doing so, you’d always run the risk of either muddying all the details that made the original so great. Or, not making it distinct enough to justify ever re-releasing it in the first place. However, if there’s one brand that knows how to perfectly balance modern and old-school timekeeping, it’s Tissot.

With such a spirit in mind – in addition to a vast back catalog of historically ground-breaking watches – Tissot has since unveiled the Telemeter 1938. Inspired by a classic chronograph from the late 30s, the Telemeter 1938 is a re-imaging of what it would look like in modern times. In the car world, we’d call something like this a restomod, and it’s all the more impressive, too.

What’s Old Is New Again

Looking at the dial, you’d swear that you’re looking at the original 1930s watch. It’s practically the same layout, but with an added splash of color. It’s a simplistic design, lacking those date windows or heavy-handed design traits that some modern watches tend to overpower with. A unique touch with the Telemeter is the inclusion of both a tachymeter and a telemeter scale.

Flanked by a bi-compax layout, the only way you’d know that this is a modern reissue is when you note the larger 42mm case size. Turn it over, and the Telemeter 1938 is powered by a new and upgraded Valjoux A05.231 movement. With 68 hours of power reserve and a much more robust Nivachron balance spring, the Telemeter 1938 is a fashionable and sporting watch.

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