Introducing The Revival Of The Yema Superman

by Mark Knight

Up in the sky! It’s a bird… It’s a plane… NOPE, it’s not Superman. Instead, it’s even better – the revival of one of the most iconic dive watches anywhere in the world. Back in the 1960s, Yema and its then-new Superman line of diver’s watches was nothing short of impressive. It had the chic looks of a sports watch, which you could handily don with some casual summer wear.

Yet, despite its rather slim profile, the Yema Superman could handle water resistance of up to 300m. Plus, it had a unique bezel locking device that made measuring time underwater more than a breeze. Suffice it to say, the Superman was a huge hit at the time. Therefore, you can imagine the excitement that, after a very, very long hiatus, Yema’s old Superman is back.

Back, And Stronger Than Ever

Oh, and fantastic news to all you vintage diver fans, the new Superman looks almost identical to the old one. That means you’re able to get it in a vintage-accurate size of 39mm. Although, they also have a 41mm option, if you want it. The new Superman is slightly thicker than their predecessors, at 13.4mm. However, this allows it to feature 500m of water resistance.

That’s mightily awe-inspiring, given its relatively svelte proportions. Moreover, that cool bezel locking system is even better built and locks more reliably now. On top of that, there’s a brand new movement inside. No Sellita or ETA here, as the Yema Superman 500 is powered by an in-house Calibre YEMA2000 automatic movement. For just EUR 1,049, I think it’s a steal!

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