The New Porsche Design Chronograph For The Car World

by Mark Knight

Few things go together with as much harmony as automobiles and watches. Porsche knows it better than most, which is why they’re among the very few carmakers to also create their own watches. This synergy doesn’t get that much closer than their very latest chronograph. This all starts with Porsche’s Exclusive Manufaktur bespoke personalization program for their cars.

This is quite a big deal… More car buyers these days (especially those who’d drop that much money on a Porsche) love to personalize their cars. Even tiny changes like choosing the paints and interior trim give your car a sense of personality that you can connect with. In fact, more than 90% of 911s are personalized in some shape or form, with hundreds of options available.

Making It Truly Yours

Extending this even further, and if you’re very lucky, you could even get a Porsche watch that has been personalized to match your car, too! This is quite rare, as bespoke watches typically cost hundreds of thousands or millions of dollars. Yet, despite costing much less, you can have this Porsche Design Chronograph be personalized with over 1.5-million unique combinations.

We’re not just talking about subtle colors and accents, either. You could have the leather on the straps, and even individual stitches are customized. Better still, Porsche could personalize it based on what trims you’ve used on your bespoke 911. Powered by the Porsche Design WERK 01.100 automatic movement, it’s just as performant of a timepiece as Porsche’s cars are on tarmac.

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