Impressive New Breguet Tradition 7047 Tourbillon Waltz

by Mark Knight

While mainstream audiences don’t usually think much about them, Breguet is among the most important watchmakers ever. Its namesake founder was the pioneer of many crucial elements of timekeeping that we know and love today. Therefore, it’s rather fitting that Breguet pushes the boundaries of watchmaking at every possible opportunity, as they’re doing with the 7047.

As part of its more avant-garde Tradition collection, the 7047 has since been fashioned with a highly-complicated and awe-inspiring tourbillon. Specifically, its latest iteration uses what we call a fusée-chain mechanism. Quite simply, it uses the concept of constant torque to regulate the timing of the watch. Thus, ensuring tip-top accuracy, regardless of the watch’s condition.

Classical Timekeeping At Its Finest

While tourbillon mechanisms aren’t as necessary these days with modern horological tech, it’s still a massive undertaking to create one. But beyond this already impressive display of Haute Horlogerie, Breguet isn’t shy of dressing up the 7047. For starters, it features Breguet’s iconic Clous de Paris guilloché pattern. It’s also a very open watch, handily letting you peek inside.

Speaking of, there’s the movement. So-called the Calibre 569, this hand-wound movement has 542 parts and even features anti-magnetic solutions. This goes hand-in-hand with the watch’s other elements such as the tourbillon in ensuring the highest levels of accuracy. All of which is then cased inside a heavy platinum shell, adding a modern touch to the 7047’s classical roots.

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